Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bella's Prom Outfit

Wendy Chuck, the "Twilight" costume designer, said she found this Max and Cleo dress for $20 at a Ross Dress for Less.
Some possibilities for the dress:

Thanks to Esme's Island

Thanks to Costume Queen:
Pattern options

if you need a pattern for the ruffled bottom

I had alot of trouble with this one, ebay was the only place where I could find anything.

Details ideas for sweater

Bella's Boot

Bella's Hair:

Bella's leggings:

Bella's Shoe:
In the movie Bella wore a black low top Converse sneaker, but in the book her shoe was a Stiletto heel that was tied with satin ribbons.


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  1. Specifically, Bella is wearing Jack Purcells by Converse for the prom.